SSI Benefits for Children With ADHD or ADD

SSI for Children with ADHD or ADD in Honea Path, SC

If you’re wondering what SSI benefits are available for your child if they’ve been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, we’ve got your back. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) typically manifest in children through symptoms  including increased impulsiveness and hyperactivity. If these symptoms frequently and severely interfere with the child’s development, the child may be eligible for SSI disability benefits. 

These benefits will be calculated based on the amount of income the child’s parent brings home — typically the higher the household income, the lower your child’s SSI benefits will be. Continue reading to learn more about the criteria your child needs to meet in order to qualify. If you have any additional questions, the law offices of J. Robert Surface can help.

How to Find Out if Your Child Qualifies

If you explore the Social Security listing 112.11, you’ll notice that there are a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders that can be accompanied by the symptoms below.. First and foremost, in order to qualify for SSI, your child must be between the ages of three to 18. Then, you’ll need to prove through medical documentation that your child’s ADHD or ADD shows at least one of these symptoms:

  • Hyperactive behavior such as difficulty staying seated, consistently restless or talking an exorbitant amount.
  • Difficulty maintaining attention.
  • Struggling with academic development.
  • Trouble with motor coordination or vocalization.

Not only should your child show signs of at least one of the conditions above, but you’ll have to show that their condition is causing significant limitations in functioning within daily life. This will include showing difficulty in:

  • Concentrating and avoiding distractions.
  • Being able to adapt to change.
  • Remembering information.
  • Following instructions.
  • Building and maintaining friendships or relationships.

Remember, you must show proof that your child experiences an “extreme” limitation within one of the bullet points above or two “marked” limitations. Like the name suggests, “extreme” limitations are more severe than “marked” ones. You can prove all of this information through medical diagnoses or psychological testing that clearly exhibits your child’s behavioral tendencies. Feel free to additionally document your own observations as well as what your child’s teachers have noticed through their interactions with them. This will be supplemental information that should easily match with your child’s medical records.

How to Apply

After reading the information above, if you think your child would qualify for SSI benefits, the next step would be to apply. You can do this by visiting the Social Security Administration’s website and either completing the online application or scheduling an appointment with an SSA representative. The SSA’s number is 800-772-1213. Of course, don’t forget to look at our overview page on child SSI disability for more information. 

Don’t worry if your SSI claim is denied — J. Robert Surface has helped many families get the benefits they deserve, and you’re no exception. Keep in mind, Mr. Surface or any certified attorney is not able to expedite the SSA ruling process or make them lean in favor of you. But he can help appeal your claim in the best way possible.

If you have questions, we are available 24/7 at (864) 235-0886. There is no guarantee you will win benefits if you apply. The office of J. Robert Surface, Attorney at Law, is located at 513 E Greer St, Honea Path, SC 29654. He proudly serves clients from Greenville, Clemson and Spartanburg. 

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