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Do I Need a Greenville Veterans Attorney in Honea Path, SC

As a veteran, you may already know that applying for disability benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA) can be a challenging process. It can take a long time for your case to be decided, and if your claim is denied, you’ll be left without the benefits you deserve, facing the laborious process of appealing the VA’s decision on your own. Many veterans hire attorneys to help them take on the VA, and if you have been advised to do the same — but you aren’t sure if you need legal help — keep reading to learn more.

Reasons to Hire a Veterans Disability Attorney

Hiring a disability attorney who specializes in veterans’ claims can make a major difference in your case. An attorney can help you strengthen your application, provide the proper evidence and help you communicate with the VA to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. However, you shouldn’t hire an attorney if you haven’t yet submitted a disability application; rather, you should wait to contact an attorney until one of the following things happens:

Your Claim was Denied

If the VA denied your claim, you may feel frustrated and unsure about your next steps. This is an ideal time to hire an attorney who specializes in veterans’ disability claims. Veterans have their claims denied for a variety of reasons, from not providing enough medical evidence to simply missing deadlines for turning in paperwork. Some disabilities are harder to prove than others, and you may need to provide more documentation from your doctors, therapists and other professionals to build a convincing case. An attorney can help you request a case review or appeal the VA’s decision, amending your application (or adding more to it) if necessary while abiding by the VA’s many rules and requirements.

Your Claim was Approved but You Disagree with Your Disability Rating

If your claim was approved, but you disagree with your disability rating(s), you may want to hire a disability attorney. For example, you may feel that the percentage ratings you received are lower than they should be and that they don’t accurately reflect the extent of your disability. In this case, an attorney can help you request a case review or start an appeal to have your ratings reevaluated by the VA.

Hiring the Right Disability Attorney

If you’re currently in one of the situations above, it isn’t just important to hire an attorney — it’s important to hire the right attorney. You need the help of a VA-certified attorney who is equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to take on your case. They need to have a history of practicing veterans law and must be able to represent you to the highest court necessary, including the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

J. Robert Surface is the VA-certified attorney you want on your side. With years of experience, Mr. Surface has worked with veterans from all branches of the military. After working as an attorney for the federal government, he began his own practice and started representing veterans. He has been certified by the Department of Veterans to appear before VA Regional Offices, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in Washington, D.C. If you’re looking for a veterans disability attorney near Greenville, SC, contact Mr. Surface today.

If you have questions, we are available 24/7 at (864) 235-0886. There is no guarantee you will win benefits if you apply. Your claim may be bolstered if you are found disabled by Social Security. The office of J. Robert Surface, Attorney at Law is located at 513 E Greer St, Honea Path, SC 29654. He proudly serves clients from Greenville, Clemson, and Spartanburg.

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